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Past Incidents

Monday 9th November 2020

No incidents reported

Sunday 8th November 2020

No incidents reported

Saturday 7th November 2020

NocTel Fiber Core | Investigating

UPDATE - Tuesday, 23:50 - Breakers related to the NocTel Core have been replaced and 24 hours of stability has been observed. Likely a bad batch of breakers from the vendor.

UPDATE - Monday, 12:30 - The affected breakers have been replaced.

UPDATE - Sunday, 14:07 - A second breaker trip occurred. Additional batteries have been placed inline while electrical system diagnostics continue.

The NocTel Fiber Core experienced a breaker trip that caused a service impairment. The NocTel team has restored service and is investigating the issue. Please stand by for further updates.

Friday 6th November 2020

No incidents reported

Thursday 5th November 2020

No incidents reported

Wednesday 4th November 2020

Bear Prairie NocTel Fiber | Outage

12:55 PM - The issue has been resolved and service has been restored. If you are still experiencing an issue, please contact NocTel Fiber support at or call 360.837.7400

12:35 PM - We have identified the issue as a faulty cable. It is currently being replaced.

12:06 PM - The NocTel fiber-optic network is experiencing issues with the Bear Prairie network. The NocTel team is investigating. Please stand by for further updates.

Tuesday 3rd November 2020

Planned Maintenance - Bear Prairie Fiber, scheduled 2 months ago

Planned infrastructure maintenance on NocTel's Bear Prairie Fiber Network is scheduled for November 3, 2020. Please see the following for details:

-Planned Maintenance Date: Tuesday, November 3, 2020

-Planned Maintenance Window: 6am - 7am

-Expected Service Impact: NocTel services may be temporarily affected for customers using a NocTel Fiber during the maintenance window. Long-term and chronic system stability and use issues shall not occur.

-Maintenance Scope: NocTel will be replacing and testing a damaged fiber optic cable.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the planned maintenance, please contact the Support Team (, +1.503.764.4300). Likewise, if you find your service is impacted post maintenance, please immediately contact support.