Friday 18th September 2020

East Vancouver NocTel Fiber | Outage - Upstream Carrier

9:45 AM - All NocTel fiber services have been restored. The upstream carrier identified the root cause as a power outage that lasted longer than the backup UPS could cover. Power has been restored at the site. If you are still experiencing an issue, please contact NocTel Fiber support at or call 360.837.7400

9:05 AM UPDATE - The upstream carrier has identified the cause as a device power failure at the Camas site. Technicians are still en route to determine the root cause of the power lost and verify no further issues. NocTel is seeing traffic restored to user endpoints at this time but is continuing to monitor and waiting for confirmation from the upstream carrier that full service is restored.

8:25 AM UPDATE - Upstream carrier technicians are en route to the affected site in Camas with an ETA of 1 hour.

7:55 AM UPDATE - The upstream carrier has dispatched technicians to the affected site in Camas. The upstream carrier has given no ETA for service restoration at this time. NocTel continues to engage them on this issue.

7:15 AM UPDATE - NocTel has reviewed all its equipment to ensure it is functioning correctly and has identified no issue. We are awaiting updates from the upstream carrier.

6:40 AM UPDATE - We have identified the issue as an outage from an upstream provider. We are currently engaging with them to restore service.

6:05 AM - The NocTel fiber-optic network is experiencing issues due to a power outage. The NocTel team is investigating. Please stand by for further updates.