Tuesday 8th September 2020

NocTel Fiber | Outage

05:15 AM - Power has been restored. NocTel staff are now verifying systems are coming back online and Internet should be restored shortly.

01:30 AM September 9th - Clark PUD continues repairs to re-energize the Ammeter mountain. NocTel staff is awaiting updates.

10:30 PM - NocTel remains on-site awaiting updates from the power company.

8:30 PM - NocTel crews are still on-site awaiting power to be energized at our uplink location.

6:00 PM - NocTel Fiber has installed temporary power at Ammeter Rd to enable fiber customers to resume access. Power to other areas is still unavailable and will be restored when utility power is once again available.

3:50 PM - NocTel Fiber is experiencing a major outage due to a localized power outage. Power to the area was shut off due to local fires in the area. The NocTel team is awaiting the restoration of power. Please stand by for further updates.