Wednesday 8th July 2020

Inbound calling One-way Audio Issues | Fixed UPDATE

10:00am PST 2020-07-10 - The intermittent one-way audio issue caused by a routing issue with a national IP backbone has been corrected. If you are still experiencing problems with calls, please contact us at

6:30am PST - The carrier has identified a routing issue with a national IP backbone provider and has routed around the problem while they work to resolve the problem with the provider. The one-way audio problem should now be corrected for all NocTel users. Anyone that is still experiencing the problem should contact with new call examples.

4:35pm PST - Calls inbound to NocTel phone numbers are experiencing occasional one-way audio due to a carrier routing issue. This is currently being identified and resolved.

1:16pm PST - NocTel is aware of an occasional reoccurring one-way audio issue where the caller cannot hear the recipient. The NocTel team is investigating the issue. If you experience this, please send an email to with the call time, the caller's phone number, and the destination phone number.