Saturday 23rd November 2019

Inbound Faxing Inbound Faxing Outage

NocTel’s inbound fax services are currently being affected by an ISP routing issues in our us-east based data center. NocTel is actively engaged with the data center affected by the ISP outage, and working to address the issue. The ISP has not issued an ETA on recovery at this time. Inbound faxes will receive a busy tone to alert callers that the fax number is currently not reachable. Outbound faxes are working normally.

Update 2019-11-24 5:28 PM Pacific: The internet routing issues upstream of NocTel on the east coast have been resolved. NocTel is monitoring stability of connectivity. Please report any lingering service impairments to NocTel at or calling us at +1 503-764-4300.